TRI's 2011 Statistical Highlights

Please take a moment to review the following 2011 Statistical Highlights,
and you’ll see what your support means to us

1,448 requests for legal assistance were handled by Rutherford Institute staff, and more than 68 cases involving violations of civil and human rights moved through various stages of pre-litigation and litigation, including several cases that were appealed directly to the United States Supreme Court.

Institute staff provided training and support to a national affiliate network of over 1,700 volunteer attorneys, many of whom were trained and educated on pertinent case law and provided with research support and funding for court expenses in order to defend cases in their region and field of law.

More than 40,000 individuals and news organizations in the United States and around the globe received weekly alerts on Institute cases, breaking news relating to encroachments on our constitutional rights and issue-related commentaries were sent to.