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"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." — Benjamin Franklin

Today the world is marred with countless examples of human atrocities, genocide, denial of religious freedom and other violations of basic fundamental human rights. Ethnic cleansing, torture, and arbitrary death sentences are a hallmark of oppressive regimes. And unfortunately, our government is not innocent of these human travesties either. Visions of brutality and torture in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places around the world are fresh in our minds. “Enemy combatants” are held by the United States in various locations and denied the basic rights of due process.

The Rutherford Institute fights to secure basic freedoms that are fundamental to all people regardless of ethnicity, religion, or nationality. The Institute works to end oppression, abuse and discrimination around the world. Attorneys for The Rutherford Institute responded to requests for assistance when the government of France classified minority religious groups as dangerous cults. The Institute also helped a Chinese pastor seek asylum to escape religious persecution in his homeland. We urged members of Congress to respect the fundamental human rights of foreign detainees being held by U.S. forces around the world as we fight the War on Terror. And most recently, we called on American lawmakers to pressure Iran to reverse the conviction of a Christian pastor sentenced to death for practicing his faith. By pushing back against injustice throughout the world, The Rutherford Institute hopes to increase justice in America as well.

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