Right to Life

The Rutherford Institute is dedicated to fighting injustices in a broken system. America’s death penalty system is fraught with mistakes and biases that lead to the wrongful taking of human life. The Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees that no citizen will be denied their life, liberty, or property without the due process of law and the Eighth Amendment protects us from cruel or unusual punishments. But despite these constitutional assurances and mounting evidence that innocent people have been executed for crimes they did not commit, our government continues to hasten the death of hundreds of inmates.

The Rutherford Institute feels compelled to challenge this horrible system. We do this by fighting to protect the due process rights of those facing the death penalty and by continuing to educate people on the inherent and deadly flaws of America’s death penalty system.

Our Recent Work in Right to Life

>>Rutherford Institute Denounces Va. Legislation Requiring Invasive Transvaginal Ultrasound Prior to Abortion as Unconstitutional

>>Rutherford Institute Urges Texas Gov. Perry to Demonstrate Commitment to Justice by Temporarily Staying Execution, Calling for DNA Testing

>>The Rutherford Institute Weighs In on Proposed Abortion Clinic Regulations Before the Virginia Board of Health

>>Rutherford Institute Urges Gov. McDonnell to Reconsider Virginia’s Death Penalty Policy, Stop Jackson Execution

Commentary on Right to Life Issues

>>Troy Davis Should Not Be Put to Death

>>The Death Penalty Is a Miscarriage of Justice: It Should Be Abolished