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John Whitehead Extended Bio


  • 1974 Juris Doctorate, University of Arkansas School of Law
  • 1969 Bachelor of Arts, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville


  • 1982-present: The Rutherford Institute: President
  • 2001-02: Gadfly Online: Editor-in-Chief
  • 2000-01: Gadfly Magazine: Editor-in-Chief
  • 1984: O.W. Coburn School of Law: Adjunct Professor of Law
  • 1982: Appointed Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Louisiana
  • 1978-79: Gibbs and Craze Law Firm, Cleveland, Ohio: Attorney
  • 1976-78: Center for Law and Religious Freedom: Served as special constitutional consultant
  • 1973-74: Grapevine Publishing Company: President
  • 1969-71: U.S. Army Infantry Officer: Participated in a top-secret program, Project MASSTER, which concerned the acquisition and use of sensors in Vietnam


  • United States Supreme Court Bar
  • Supreme Court of Arkansas Bar
  • Supreme Court of Virginia Bar
  • United States Courts of Appeals for the Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, and Ninth Circuits
  • Various United States District Courts
  • American Trial Lawyers Association
  • Virginia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Member, Constitution Project, Washington, DC
  • Research Board of Advisors of the American Biographical Institute



  • 2015 Battlefield America: The War on the American People, SelectBooks
  • 2013 A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, SelectBooks
  • 2009 Stand and Fight: It’s Time for a Second American Revolution, Glass Onion/TRI Press
  • 2008 The Change Manifesto, Sourcebooks, Inc.
  • 2007 GOD is a Four-Letter Word, Glass Onion/TRI Press
  • 2006 When Christ Calls, Glass Onion/TRI Press
  • 2005 A Well Spent Life, Glass Onion/TRI Press
  • 2001 Grasping for the Wind, Zondervan Publishing House
  • 1999 Slaying Dragons, Thomas Nelson Book Publishers
  • 1998 Truth Under Fire, Crossway Books
  • 1996 Handbook on Religious Liberty Around the World, TRI Press
  • 1996 Church v. State, Moody Press
  • 1996 Women’s Rights and the Law, Moody Press
  • 1995 State v. Parents, Moody Press
  • 1995 Censored on the Job, Moody Press
  • 1995 Politically Correct Censorship in American Culture, Moody Press
  • 1994 The Rights of Religious Persons in Public Education, 2nd Ed., Crossway Books
  • 1994 Christians Involved in the Political Process, Moody Press
  • 1994 Religious Apartheid: The Separation of Religion From American Public Life, Moody Press
  • 1993 Home Education: Rights and Reasons, Crossway Books
  • 1992 La Libertad Bajo Fuego
  • 1989 True Christianity, Crossway Books
  • 1987 An American Dream, Crossway Books
  • 1985 The End of Man, Crossway Books
  • 1985 Parents' Rights, Crossway Books
  • 1985 Arresting Abortion: Practical Ways to Save Unborn Children, Crossway Books
  • 1984 Home Education and Constitutional Liberty, Crossway Books
  • 1984 The Right to Picket and the Freedom of Public Discourse, Crossway Books
  • 1983 The Freedom of Religious Expression in the Public High School, Crossway Books
  • 1983 The Freedom of Religious Expression in Public Universities and High Schools, Crossway Books
  • 1983 The Stealing of America, Crossway Books
  • 1982 The Second American Revolution, Crossway Books
  • 1980 Schools on Fire, Tyndale House Publishers
  • 1977 The Separation Illusion, Mott Media

Law Review Articles

  • 2009 A Dysfunctional Supreme Court: Remedies and a Comparative Analysis, Charleston Law Review
  • 2005 The Caging of Free Speech in America, Temple Political and Civil Rights Law Review
  • 2002 Forfeiting "Enduring Freedom" for "Homeland Security": A Constitutional Analysis of the USA Patriot Act and the Justice Department's Anti-Terrorism Initiatives, American University Law Review
  • 2000 Through the Looking Glass: What are Young People Learning from Unconstitutional Religious Censorship?, Nexus Journal of Opinion
  • 1998 Eleventh Hour Amendment or Serious Business: Sexual Harassment and the United States Supreme Court's 1997-1998 Term, Temple Law Review
  • 1997 The Conservative Supreme Court and the Demise of the Free Exercise of Religion, Temple Law Review
  • 1997 Religious Freedom in the Nineties: Betwixt and Between Flores and Smith, Washburn Law Journal
  • 1994  The Religious Freedom Restoration Act: Implications for Religiously-Based Civil Disobedience and Free Exercise Claims, Washburn Law Journal
  • 1992 Tax Exemption and Churches: A Historical and Constitutional Analysis, Cumberland Law Review
  • 1992 Beyond Establishment Clause Analysis in Public School Situations: The Need to Apply the Public Forum and Tinker Doctrine, Tulsa Law Journal
  • 1991 Civil Disobedience and Operation Rescue: A Historical and Theoretical Analysis, Washington & Lee Law Review
  • 1989 Avoiding Religious Apartheid: Affording Equal Treatment for Student-Initiated Religious Expression in Public Schools, Pepperdine Law Review
  • 1989 Accommodation and Equal Treatment of Religion: Federal Funding of Religiously-Affiliated Child Care Facilities, Harvard Journal on Legislation
  • 1978 The Establishment of the Religion of Secular Humanism and its First Amendment Implications, Texas Tech Law Review
  • 1978 The Religious Student in Public Education: Resolving a Constitutional Dilemma, Emory Law Journal


  • 1997 Grasping for the Wind, Gadfly Productions
  • 1994 Religious Apartheid, Gospel Films
  • 1982 Second American Revolution, Gospel Films


  • 2015 “Citizen of the Year” by the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson Chapter
  • 2010 Milner S. Ball Lifetime Achievement Award, University of Georgia School of Law
  • 2006 Communications and Leadership Award, Toastmasters International
  • 2004 Elijah Award, QuaQua Society
  • 1999 Silver World Medal, New York Film and Video Festival (Grasping for the Wind)
  • 1999 Utne Reader, Cultural Coverage Award (Gadfly Magazine)
  • 1998 Silver World Medal, New York Film and Video Festival (Grasping for the Wind)
  • 1997 George Washington Honor Medal, Freedoms Foundation
  • 1991 Hungarian Medal of Freedom
  • 1990 Business and Professional Award, Religious Heritage of America Foundation
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