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Freedom Resource Brief Bank

The Rutherford Institute’s Freedom Resource Brief Bank provides easy-to-read briefs and pamphlets with valuable information on your rights and freedoms. Briefs and pamphlets are viewable in PDF format and can be easily printed out.

Please bear in mind that these resources do not constitute legal advice for any purpose and should not be relied upon as such. Please contact our Legal Department (or an attorney licensed to practice law in your area) if you are seeking legal assistance in a specific situation.

Parents' Rights Issues

Brief B-5 Halloween in Public Schools

Brief E-6 Parental Rights: Corporal Punishment

Brief E-8 The Right to Determine Religious Upbringing Following Divorce

Brief E-9 Social Service Investigations

Public School Issues

Brief B-1 Equal Access in Public Schools

Brief B-3 Zero Tolerance

Brief B-7 Curriculum Excusal for Religious Students

Brief B-9 Parental Rights and Opt-Out Policies: Trends in Case Law

Brief B-11 Compulsory Vaccination

Brief B-14 Public School Religious Clubs: Rights & Reasons

Brief B-15 Constitutionality of Questioning Students Without Parental Consent

Brief B-16 Christmas in Public Schools

Brief B-19 The Constitutionality of Teaching Alternative Forms of Spiritual Practices in Public Schools including Eastern and New Age Practices

Brief B-26 Released Time Programs

Pamphlet: Teachers Rights in Public Education

Pamphlet: Students Rights in Public Education

Public Free Speech Issues

Brief I-9 Free Speech

Brief B-35 Students' Free Speech Rights in Public Schools

Employee/Employer Religious Rights Issues

Brief D-1 Compulsory Labor on the Sabbath

Brief D-2 What Procedures Must One Follow in Order to File a Title VII Claim of Religious Discrimination with the EEOC?

Brief D-3 Employees' Religious Objections to Mandatory Attendance at Diversity Training and New Age Seminars

Brief D-4 Religious Accommodation in the Workplace

Brief D-7 Bible Studies and Religious Meetings in the Workplace

Brief D-8 Religious Posters, Pictures, and Articles in the Workplace

Home School Issues

Brief N-9 Access of Home School Children to Public School Activities

Christian Rights Issues

Pamphlet: Rights of Christians

Church/State Issues

The Rights of Churches and Political Involvement

Brief A-5 The Religious Land Utilization and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000: How Zoning of Houses of Worship and Home Worship May Be Affected

Constitutional Guidelines for Displaying Religious Documents on Public Property

Human Life/Abortion/Picketing Rights Issues

Brief H-1 Abortion Protest

Special Report: Operation Rescue, Pro-Life Protest and the Supreme Court
by John W. Whitehead

Inmate/Prison Rights Issues

Brief F-1 The Religious Rights of Prisoners

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