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School Has Bus Hijacking Drill, Doesn’t Tell Students

August 22, 2013

From Personal Liberty Digest

A SWAT training exercise that took place in Rossford, Ohio, last week appears to be just the latest example of the state working to familiarize American citizens with terror and heavy-handed police-state response.

Students on a bus en route to a local school were terrified when a man stood up and proceeded to hijack the vehicle. The hijacker, carrying what appeared to be a functional firearm, tied up some of the students and told them to keep their heads down.

The bus was rerouted to a local emergency management facility where it was stormed by first responders and SWAT teams.

“Every driver, administrator will take something away from this saying that this could actually happen on my bus. That’s what our focus was. This could happen on any bus,” Jeff Culler, Rossford Schools transportation director, told a local ABC affiliate.

While preparedness is always a good policy, there was one disturbing element to the drill: The students onboard the bus had no idea that they weren’t in real danger — even though the drill had been planned since May.