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John Whitehead's Commentary

Ritual Abuse: The Attack on Our Children

John Whitehead
If they're going to kill me, they're going to kill me. It's time to share more information.--Dr. Corydon Hammond
In 1992, the year Bill Clinton first ran for President, many ponderous and dynamic speeches were heard around the nation. However, what may be one of the most momentous speeches ever delivered on American soil went virtually unnoticed.

On June 25, 1992, Dr. Corydon Hammond gave a lecture entitled "Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse" to an audience of professionals at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality in Alexandria, Virginia. Dr. Hammond, a psychologist, has lectured, written and received many awards related to the field of psychology--including a 1998 Presidential Award for Advancements to Clinical Hypnosis.

Dr. Hammond's main subject was the ritual abuse of children. He stated that in as many as two-thirds of ritual abuse cases, the victims had been subjected to highly developed and uniform technology of mind control, suggesting that there is a large network of practitioners conducting such atrocities on children in the U.S. Often, according to Hammond, these will be "bloodline people," that is, people who are involved in cultic practices such as Satanism or in American intelligence agency programs.

Following are excerpts from Dr. Hammond's speech, with as little commentary as possible--thus leaving any conclusions to the reader. The entire speech can be viewed here.

"When you start to find the same highly esoteric information in different states and different countries, from Florida to California," according to Dr. Hammond, "you start to get an idea that there's something going on that is very large, very well coordinated, with a great deal of communication and systematic-ness to what's happening. So I have gone from someone kind of neutral and not knowing what to think about it all to someone who clearly believes ritual abuse is real and that the people who say it isn't are either naïve like people who didn't want to believe the Holocaust or--they're dirty."

He continues, "What they basically do is they will get a child and they will start this, in basic forms it appears, by about two-and-a-half after the child's already been made dissociative. They'll make him dissociative not only through abuse, like sexual abuse, but also things like putting a mousetrap on their fingers and teaching the parents, 'You do not go in until the child stops crying. Only then do you go in and remove it.' They start in rudimentary forms at about two-and-a-half and kick into high gear, it appears, around six or six-and-a-half, continue through adolescence with periodic reinforcements in adulthood."

"Basically in the programming," Dr. Hammond noted, "the child will be put typically on a gurney. They will have an IV in one hand or arm. They'll be strapped down, typically naked. There'll be wires attached to their head to monitor electroencephalograph patterns. They will see a pulsing light, most often described as red, occasionally white or blue. They'll be given, most commonly, I believe, Demerol.... Then they will describe a pain on one ear, their right ear generally, where it appears a needle has been placed, and they will hear weird, disorienting sounds in that ear while they see photic stimulation to drive the brain into a brainwave pattern with a pulsing light at a certain frequency.... Then, after a suitable period when they're in a certain brainwave state, they will begin programming, programming oriented to self-destruction and debasement of the person."

Hammond says that many of the cases dramatizing the phenomena of multiple personality disorder (MPD) have connections to the CIA and military installations. In fact, Hammond believes that this type of program was originally created by the CIA, but with help. "Here's where it appears to have come from," notes Dr. Hammond. "At the end of World War II, before it even ended, Allen Dulles and people from our Intelligence Community were already in Switzerland making contact to get out Nazi scientists. As World War II ends, they not only get out rocket scientists, but they also get out some Nazi doctors who have been doing mind-control research in the camps.... They started doing mind-control research for Military Intelligence in military hospitals in the United States. The people that came, the Nazi doctors, were Satanists."

Hammond describes one patient who went to a "cult school," where mind control sessions would take place several times a week. "She would go into a room, get all hooked up.... When she was in a proper altered state, now they were no longer having to monitor it with electroencephalographs, they also had already placed on her electrodes, one in the vagina, for example, four on the head. Sometimes they'll be on other parts of the body. They will then begin and they would say to her, 'You are angry with someone in the group.' She'd say, 'No, I'm not' and they would violently shock her. They would say the same thing until she complied and didn't make any negative response. They would continue, 'And because you are angry with someone in the group,' or 'When you are angry with someone in the group, you will hurt yourself. Do you understand?' She said, 'No' and they shocked her. They repeated again, 'Do you understand?' 'Well, yes, but I don't want to.' Shock her again until they get compliance. Then they keep adding to it. 'And you will hurt yourself by cutting yourself. Do you understand?' Maybe she'd say 'yes,' but they might say, 'We don't believe you' and shock her anyway. 'Go back and go over it again.' They would continue in this sort of fashion."

Dr. Hammond continued, "She said typically it seemed as though they'd go about thirty minutes, take a break for a smoke or something, come back. They may review what they'd done and stopped or they might review what they'd done and go on to new material. She said the sessions might go half an hour, they might go three hours. She estimated three times a week. Programming under the influence of drugs in a certain brainwave state and with these noises in one ear and them speaking into the other ear, usually the left ear, associated with right hemisphere non-dominant brain functioning, and with them talking, therefore, and requiring intense concentration, intense focusing. Because often they'll have to memorize and say certain things back, word-perfect, to avoid punishment, shock and other kinds of things that are occurring.... There will be very standardized types of hypnotic things done at times. There'll be sensory deprivation which we know increases suggestibility in anyone. Total sensory deprivation suggestibility has significantly increased from the research."

Dr. Hammond has come to believe that there are several levels of programming among the patients with whom he has worked that can be accessed by letters of the Greek alphabet. Some of these letter designations follow:

--The first level, ALPHA, is generalized mind control, the base level of programming of the subject, and characterized by augmented memory and the splitting of the mind into left and right brain divisions.

--BETA is apparently programming of sexuality and the destruction of moral inhibitions.

--GAMMA is a level providing mind control system protection involving deception and misdirection.

--DELTA is the assassin programming level and includes killers training to perform ritual sacrifice.

--THETA is termed the "psychic killer" level. According to Hammond, "You know, I had never in my life heard those two terms paired together. I'd never heard the words 'psychic killers' put together, but when you have people in different states, including therapists inquiring and asking, 'What is Theta?' and patients say to them, 'psychic killers' it tends to make one a believer that certain things are very systematic and very widespread. This comes from their belief in psychic sorts of abilities and powers, including their ability to psychically communicate with 'mother' [and] including their ability to psychically cause somebody to develop a brain aneurysm and die."

--OMEGA is the level of programming dictating self destruction and is intended to cause the subject to commit suicide when they are interrogated or begin therapy.

Hammond noted that the handlers want to make sure the victims don't consciously remember their programming. Thus, amnesia and self-destruction are suggested: "If you ever remember will go crazy. You will become a vegetable and be locked up forever.... And it will be easier to just kill yourself than have that happen to you, if you ever remember it."

"At age twelve then," Dr. Hammond notes, "three years later, they used what sounds like a [Sodium] Amytol interview to try to breach the amnesia and find out if they could. They couldn't. So then they strapped her down again, gave her something to kind of paralyze her body, gave her LSD...and reinforced all the suggestions. Did a similar thing at the age of sixteen."

Of course, it is difficult to substantiate these statements. But assuming that Dr. Hammond has exposed a horrendous program, it is well beyond time for a congressional investigation, followed by a systematic effort to ferret out the maniacs responsible.

Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute. His new book Battlefield America: The War on the American People  (SelectBooks, 2015) is available online at Whitehead can be contacted at

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