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Amicus brief in Pellegrino v. United States TSA

Warning that government abuse of power at any level must not be allowed to stand unchecked, The Rutherford Institute is challenging a ruling that grants immunity to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers who engage in official misconduct. In denouncing a lower court ruling that prevents citizens from suing the government for even intentional misconduct by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers in the course of screening airline passengers, attorneys for The Rutherford Institute, the Cato Institute, and the ACLU have asked the Third Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate the lawsuit filed on behalf of Nadine Pellegrino, who was frisked, handcuffed, arrested and detained by police for 18 hours, allegedly in retaliation after she objected to the way TSA officers treated her and her possessions during the screening process.

September 05, 2018 • Rutherford Institute Asks Appeals Court to Uphold Right of Citizens to Sue Government, TSA Over Misconduct During Airline Screening


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