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Cops Used 'Extreme Forms of Restraint' on 4-Year-Old

Forget sitting in the corner or getting sent to the principal's office. Not in Virginia, at least, where a four-year-old preschooler at an elementary school was handcuffed, shackled, and taken by a sheriff in a squad car to the police station. There he was forced to talk to jail inmates to "scare" him straight. And just for safe measure, the school threw in a suspension.

The preschooler defiantly tossed a few items on the floor in class.

Since the incident, school officials agreed to drop a couple of disciplinary measures taken against the pre-kindergarten student at Nathanael Greene Primary School (NGPS) in Stanardsville, Virginia. The Rutherford Institute reports that the official reason for removing the four-year-old from the classroom on October 16 was his "becoming agitated and throwing several items onto the floor."

The incident was all but swept under the rug until The Rutherford Institute sent a written protest to the school in December, challenging the disturbing disciplinary measures taken against the student. In response to the Institute's written challenge, the Greene County School District (GCSD) mitigated its disciplinary measures against the student this week.

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