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Groups Seek Study of Police Tactics After KKK Rally

Four legal rights groups including the Virginia ACLU are asking Governor Terry McAuliffe to investigate the military-style police tactics deployed for the recent KKK rally in Charlottesville.

A helicopter and over 100 police in riot gear were deployed amid the July 8 rally, and John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute is concerned.

"As long as you have those militaristic-looking police out there with shields, AK-47s, etc. it increases the tension."

In the wake of three pepper grenades and 23 arrests, his group and three others want McAuliffe to investigate.

"This is America. We should be known for civilian police, not militaristic police."

Whitehead says other cities have calmed tensions by holding the riot police on stand-by.

"They're waiting, they're ready to come, but they don't march them out and face people."

No word yet from the governor's office, as the city braces for a rally from another white nationalist group on August 12.