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Patriotic Theme Dropped for 'Uncomfortable' Students

A public school in Wyoming ignored plans for "America Day" during its homecoming week over concerns the name was "uncomfortable" to some students.

Despite the principal's orders at Jackson Hole High, some students dressed in red, white and blue anyway.

John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute says the incident is another indicator that America is becoming "more multi-cultural and less American."

A letter from principal Scott Crisp explained that students selected "America Day" as a theme during homecoming week along with "Lumberjack Day" and "Pajama Day."

"America Day had many personal student comments about why that day was uncomfortable for some students," Crisp wrote, explaining that students and school officials suggested "Heritage Day" and "Patriot Day" to be "inclusive." The student council rejected both. 

Whitehead, whose law firm fights for civil liberties, applauds the students for holding the celebration anyway.   

If someone told people in other countries they could not celebrate pride for their country, Whitehead says, they would think that person was crazy. In America, he says, there's an ongoing effort to ignore the country's role in history and influence around the world.

"And not be the country that it's always been. The country that's stood for freedom," he adds.