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School Officials Psyched Out Over G-Word

A New Jersey high school student was suspended and told he would have to undergo a psychological evaluation after he handed in an anti-gun-control project.

Manville High School student Frank Harvey says he was assigned the project last year as part of a college readiness course, which he completed over the summer. School officials contacted the police when learning of the assignment.

John Whitehead is the founder and president of The Rutherford Institute, an organization dedicated to civil liberties and human rights.

"What we're seeing in the schools today, and we have a lot of cases in this area, is [that] they're ... now saying you can't use the 'g-word,' and they're talking about guns," the attorney explains.

He says the psychological evaluation Harvey is to undergo is nothing but a form of indoctrination.

"The kid's going to be told that what he did was wrong or whatever, obviously, or he wouldn't be undergoing psychological conditioning,” he says. “And I think the parents are right. I think they're taking him out of the school. I would do the same thing."

The police investigation determined that Harvey did nothing wrong. The teacher whom he says assigned him the project is now denying he ever did so.