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May 10, 1999
Marilyn Manson is the Result, Not the Cause

Since the tragic shooting in Littleton, Colorado, news programs, talk shows and newspaper articles have attempted to answer the question, "Why?" Marilyn Manson, with his ...

May 03, 1999
Flag Desecration Amendment Dangerous to Freedom

Since the Bill of Rights was first adopted in 1791, Congress has amended the United States Constitution a mere seventeen times. Not once has one of these seventeen amendm...

April 19, 1999
Satellites Now Monitor Us, Not Missles

Like animals tagged and tracked in the wild, prison parolees are now being tagged with a tracking bracelet. The bracelet is monitored by a satellite that watches their ev...

April 12, 1999
Passenger's Privacy Rights Thrown Out The Window By Supreme Court

The Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable searches suffered a near-fatal blow when the Supreme Court ruled recently that the police may search all the person...

April 06, 1999
Profiling Promotes Discrimination, Not Protection

The next time you travel by airplane or automobile, you may be delayed-not because of cancelled flights or road construction but because you fit a profile of a drug traff...

March 29, 1999
A Student's Dilemma: Football or Fourth Amendment Protection?

On two separate occasions this term, Supreme Court has refused to hear cases involving the constitutionality of drug testing students. Also, twice this term the Court sen...

March 22, 1999
Mother Teresa: The Greatest Person of the Twentieth Century

As the Twentieth Century draws to a close, a multitude of lists detailing the most important or influential people from the past 100 years are being compiled. A frequen...

February 18, 1994
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