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October 06, 2014
Small-Town America Rebels Against 'Police State' Arsenal

From WND By Leo Hohmann Thousands of MRAP military vehicles like this one have been distributed to police departments throughout the U.S. in recent years. Resident...

October 03, 2014
Graham Search Highlights Virginia Drone Battle

From CNN By Justin Peligri Washington (CNN) -- Charlottesville, Virginia, residents could see one of the region's biggest political footballs flying overhead thi...

September 12, 2014
Display of Gadsden Flag Quashed by Ocala, Florida, Authorities

“What we’re seeing is the criminalization of free speech, manifested in incidents where the government attempts to censor speech that is controversial, poli...

September 11, 2014
The Era Of Widespread Biometric Indentification And Microchip Implants Is Here

By Michael Snyder From Zero Hedge "Constitutional attorney and civil liberties expert John W. Whitehead, founder of The Rutherford Institute, warned LifeSiteNews ...

September 11, 2014
Flag Has Businessman, City at Odds

By Susan Latham Carr From In videos he has posted online, Keith Greenberg, the owner of Gear Barrel, has said the city of Ocala is treading on his rights b...

August 26, 2014
Police or Soldiers? Agencies Locally and Across Virginia Have Weapons of War

BY MARK BOWES FROM RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH Armored personnel carriers with gun ports, compact submachine guns with 30-round magazines, precision battlefield sniper r...

August 22, 2014
D.C.-Area Busker Wins Round in Suit Against Metro Ban on Accepting Tips Near Stations

BY PAUL DUGGAN FROM THE WASHINGTON POST Alex W. Young, who makes his living with a guitar and a song, says he finally got tired of being shooed away from Metro stati...

August 21, 2014
[AUDIO] Turning America Into a War Zone

John W. Whitehead joins Coy Barfoot to discuss the events in Ferguson, Missouri and his most recent commentary, "Turning America into a War Zone." "Read the Constitut...

August 15, 2014
[AUDIO] John W. Whitehead Reacts to Events in Ferguson

John W. Whitehead discusses the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri and the militarized reaction of law enforcement to citizen protests with radio host Coy Barefoot. Cl...

August 12, 2014
[AUDIO] Listen to John W. Whitehead on the Michael Berry Show

John W. Whitehead on the Michael Berry Show, August 5, 2014. Click below to listen.

August 01, 2014
Florida Mom Arrested After Letting 7-Year-Old Walk to the Park Alone

By Caitlin Schmidt From CNN (CNN) -- After letting her 7-year-old son walk from their home to a park to play, a Florida mother faces up to five years in jail for chi...

July 31, 2014
Some Anti-Bullying Policies Disrespect Free Speech

By Mary C. Tillotson From Watchdog What happens when anti-bullying measures leave students feeling bullied? The Rutherford Institute is suing education officials i...

July 17, 2014
Activists Sue Illinois Community College for Viewpoint-Based Speech Restrictions

From FIRE Yesterday, the Rutherford Institute filed suit in federal court on behalf of Wayne Lela and John McCartney, two visitors to Waubonsee Community College...

July 10, 2014
Supreme Court’s First Amendment Hypocrisy

From The Boston Globe THE SUPREME Court’s reverence for the First Amendment would ring truer if justices applied the same standard to their own surrounding...

July 08, 2014
Antwuan Ball’s Harsh Drug Sentence Spurs Petition to Supreme Court

From The Washington Times Two prominent civil libertarian groups have filed a joint petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the case of a D.C. man serv...

June 13, 2014
DOD Program Puts Military Equipment in Hands of Local Law Enforcement

From NBC 29 The Department of Defense’s 1033 program is helping arm law enforcement with weapons used to wage wars. Millions of dollars of military equipment ar...

June 02, 2014
The Policing Tactics The Public Isn’t Supposed To Know About

From Mint Press News MINNEAPOLIS – On May 28, 126 police officers in Seattle filed a lawsuit in federal court, arguing that restrictions placed on the depa...

May 22, 2014
Fairfax Will Kill Limits on Home Assemblies

From FAIRFAX, Va. — Bowing to a public backlash, Fairfax County officials likely will kill a proposal limiting the size and number of gatherin...

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